Needing Someone

Posted this on the wrong blog. šŸ˜

Why is it so hard to ask for help? Why is it hard to ask for someone to come hold you while you’re feeling at your worst? Me? It makes me feel weak, stupid, childish. What if they reject me? What if they think I’m too needy and leave? What if I need them every time after that? I’m worthless. Why should anyone waste their time comforting me when it’s my own problems. It’s selfish. It’s pathetic to need someone else to make you feel better. I guess I’ll always want help at some point but I won’t ask for it. Feeling as shitty as I do, asking for help would only make me feel worse. Maybe instead of asking for help I should help myself and end ever needing help again. Fuck this disease.


2 thoughts on “Needing Someone

  1. I am bad at it too, but getting better. I tell myself that no one lives in a vacuum. That everyone needs some degree of help, so why not seek some for myself? Something that can go a long way is peer support. Someone you can trade burdens with. You don’t need to “fix” someone to help. Mostly they just need to be heard. In return they can hear you.

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