I found something on the internet about how people would try to do other things instead of cutting. They have mentioned things like drawing where you would want to cut and snapping rubber bands on your skin… I feel like none of that shit would be helpful to me at all. Cutting didn’t even occur to me until a depressed friend told me she did it because it helped alleviate her emotional pain. I never planned on it and I don’t do it a lot. Only when it gets unbearable. When my mind is screaming for me to kill my self and yelling in my ears how worthless I am cutting actually helps me. I can feel a change whenever I do it and I found out some science behind it, which makes sense. I don’t do it anywhere noticeable and I know it’s definitely not a good thing, but if one cut can keep me from killing myself today then I guess I’ll do that for my family’s sake.



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