Depression is…

Depression is laying in bed all day falling in and out of sleep.

Depression is dishes going unwashed and floors going unswept for weeks because just the thought of the task is exhausting.

Depression is having no motivation.

Depression is skipping meals.

Depression is being exhausted even though you’ve done nothing all day.

Depression is hating yourself for being so lazy.

Depression is crying all the time for no particular reason at all.

Depression is having crazy mood swings hit you at any moment.

Depression is catching yourself in the middle of a laugh remembering how shitty you feel.

Depression is avoiding your loved ones because you can’t stand the thought of yourself.

Depression is feeling worthless.

Depression is drinking on a weekday to try to make yourself feel better only to feel worse than you already did.

Depression is wanting to die every second of every day, even when you feel ok.

Depression is not showering for four days.

Depression is staring at a wall for hours because nothing interests you enough to keep your attention.

Depression is venturing out with people to make you feel better only for it to find you and drag you down again.

Depression is feeling too weak to go on and not strong enough to end it.

Depression is being trapped in your own mind.

Depression is hopeless.

Depression is sleeping on the couch for days because you can’t get the energy to go to bed.

Depression is pressure to be yourself even when you don’t feel like it.

Depression is having thoughts of your own death intruding in the middle of having a great day.

Depression is constantly feeling tired and no amount of sleep is ever enough.

Depression is leaving a party because you feel you might cry at any moment.

Depression is having people tell you how much they care and the little voice in your head screaming that they don’t.

Depression is not being able to look at yourself in a mirror.

Depression is putting off doctor’s appointments and meetings.

Depression is your body telling you to live while your mind is screaming for you to die.

Depression is not being able to control your own thoughts.

Depression is a constant struggle.

Depression is debilitating.






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